COED’s Guide To Buying Your Next Smartphone

Deciding which smart phone to buy is like being asked whether you think your friend’s sister is hot – whatever you say, you’re screwed. No matter how objective you try to be about what it has to offer your emotions will kick in. Your brain (without consulting you) will see some color or price break or another perk that it really, really likes. There is, however, a way to determine what makes a smartphone smart enough to consider as your next phone. It’s called your ‘education’ and this guide will hopefully walk you through the important factors one should think about when buying a new phone.


If you’re getting a smartphone, the screen had better be big and sharp. If all you’re using it for is the time, it can be the size of a wristwatch (remember them?), but popping up a map that you have to squint at doesn’t do your eyes any good.

If this is most important to you, check out: HTC smartphones or the Droid X


Slow responses may have been okay back in the days of Windows Mobile, but who wants to be waiting on a dim-witted “smart” phone because the processor doesn’t have any oomph. An interface that slugs along hopefully comes with a return policy that has no stocking charge.

If this is most important to you, check out: Motorola Atrix or the LG Optimus 2x Speed


Nowadays, your phone is going to do more than what its developers intended on doing. The benefit of the Android Market is that they don’t really censor their content, the downside is that they don’t really censor their content. This practice in theory allows anyone to put anything up for download but that makes things much uglier. Apple’s close eye on things has benefitted them because the store is more developed and therefore more user-friendly.

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A smartphone is supposed to be able to handle any number of actions, including phone calls, all at the same time without complaining. What good is it if you can’t jump from one function or service to the other as the need arises? If a smart phone can’t walk and chew gun at the same time without blowing its top, better find one that can.

If this feature is most important to you, check out: Apple iPhone 4 or Android Phones


Texting is the least of what you’ll be writing on a smart phone, so make it “hands on” by seeing whether your digits can handle the size of your digits and the speed and stress of your poking. A slide-out keyboard can’t be added later.

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The cellular service provider can be a godsend or concrete shoes. Like you have any control over whether there’s a fast and dependable network invisibly connected to the smartphone or not. But believe you will when it’s personally out to get you when you keep hitting dead zones, service outages and dropped calls.

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