Towelie’s Greatest (Bong) Hits On South Park For Towel Day [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

May 25th is Towel Day, an unofficial worldwide holiday celebrating the late author Douglas Adams and his sci-fi comedy cult classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a story where a towel is the most useful item possible for those who explore deep space. But there’s really only one towel that deserves a holiday – the Tynacorp-created RG-400 Smart Towel, also known as Towelie. As a tribute to the forgetful towel who always reminds people to use a towel, we’ve assembled some of his greatest (bong) hits with a photo gallery and video playlist. If you play them all at the same time, it sounds like the beat to FunkyTown. Okay, maybe not. Enjoy!


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First introduced on August 8, 2001 in season 5, episode 8 of South Park, Towelie is a talking towel created by scientists in order to thwart an alien invasion – you know what? Forget it. South Park creators admit that Towelie’s incredibly convoluted origin story is a total joke, and that Towelie was only created as a spoof of the massive amounts of South Park merchandise already out there. When Cartman calls him the worst character ever, he’s totally speaking on behalf of Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

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When this episode originally aired, you could actually call Comedy Central and order these shirts (not the towels, though). In the years past, however, art has imitated life and all sorts of Towelie merchandise is readily available.

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In Season 10, Towelie returned to South Park, this time as an author.

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Unfortunately, he didn’t do so well. So, using the magic powers of marijuana, he tried again. Good job, Steven McTowel!

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A few seasons passed since Towelie’s adventures as an author, and in Season 14 he returned, only now things were looking pretty grim.

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Thanks to Towelie’s friends (excluding Cartman) he now has a shot at a better life.

We love Towelie and wish him the best of luck – especially with the crystal meth and crack. (We’d be cool with it if he keeps smoking pot, though.) And in honor of Towel Day – which Towelie probably forgot about – here’s hoping that everyone’s favorite talking towel returns to South Park again and again. Don’t forget to bring a towel (wanna get high?)!


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