Hungover Owls, Cosby Sweaters, and Garfield…Minus Garfield [TUMBLRS OF THE WEEK]

At COED we try to pay homage the funniest sites on the web, whether they be blogs, twitter accounts, or anything else. In this section, we highlight the interspace’s best Tumblrs. Wikipedia describes a Tumblr as “a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Users can follow other users, or choose to make their tumblelog private.” We describe them as websites that have a bunch of funny sh*t all with the same theme. This week’s Tumblrs all fit the bill. Check them out below.

On second thought, I DON'T really want to know where I am right now.

Hungover Owls

Owls are the ultimate nocturnal beings. However, while they party hardy in the night scene, this equates to a hangover the likes of which few members of the animal kingdom experience. They must be drinking moonshine.

Hungover Owls takes irate mugshots of these furious fowls so the world can see what real party animals look like in the morning…and it’s just what you’d expect from creatures who try to pick up mice all night. There is no better animal at giving the “Ugh…Just f*ck off…” glare than a member of the Strigidae Parliament.


Garfield…Minus Garfield

Where would Jon Arbuckle be without his devious, lasagna-loving feline? In a world of despair, loneliness and seclusion.

Why should he even order a pizza? When it comes down to it, he simply exists as a miniscule particle in the vast expanses of the comical universe. Following the lives of this American bachelor and his furry companion was fun and chuckle-inducing during childhood, but without the smug, “big-boned” cat around, Arbuckle’s life seems even more abysmal than it was when he cohabited with the orange furball. At least previously he had a witty, semi-supportive friend to help him cope with his existential depression issues. Now, without Garfield to give him purpose, Jon wallows in the futile meaninglessness of his life. He cannot help but wonder, whereas before the answer was clear…”should we order a pizza tonight?”


The Cosby Sweater Project

Well this is just the best sweater site, dahhhh 😀

Besides Bill Cosby’s comic genius, breakthrough choreography at the beginning of each episode of The Cosby Show, and collection of worldly sayings, the famed pudding-eater brought to the forefront of the fashion scene a certain article of clothing we all know and love: the sweater (sweater-vest optional). Finally, there is a site dedicated to uncovering the best “Cosby sweaters” and, in addition, recreating their extraordinary patterns with magic markers.


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