Ang Lee’s Son Was In Hangover 2, Still Won’t Cast Him For His Movies

The AP reported that Mason Lee, the son of Oscar-winning director Ang Lee, plays Teddy in The Hangover Part II. The character is a precocious pre-med student at Stanford who the guys end up losing in Bangkok. Props to Mason for not getting “torqued” while acting with his sister in the film, Jamie Chung. Ang told reporters, “My son’s performance was quite good” but when asked if he’d cast his son in one of his movies, he stated, “I don’t know. Kids should do whatever they want to do.” Translation: Not a chance, brah.

Damn, son, I thought the fictional father in the movie was tough on Teddy, but apparently not as rough as his real life father. According to IMDB, this is Mason’s third credited appearance. He’s currently attending NYU for Drama. Anyone who’s seen the film already knows it wasn’t exactly a mind-blowing performance. Justin Bartha wasn’t exactly comedy gold in the first one and is basically a plot device in the second installment. Todd Phillips needs to really have him and Teddy go balls-wall in the third film, which has already been greenlit.

Apparently, chicks think he’s hot and/or cute. Then again, chicks are f***ing insane.


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