Kate Abdo: Hottest Photos On The Web

If there’s ever been a reason to travel to the UK, Kate Abdo is it.

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The gorgeous English presenter and journalist hails from Manchester, United Kingdom, and is a regular presenter for theSky Sports News channel. The 34-year-old bombshell is known as the muse for the Golden Ball, which she presented at last year. According to an ABC affiliate, “the international governing body of football has come to rely on it to conduct an event with millions of viewers.”

“When I was asked to present the Golden Ball last year I thought it would be an experience that only comes once in life, “Abdo said the official website of FIFA . “But now, knowing the importance of the act and knowing that I’m back on it, I think it’s a privilege.”

The gorgeous British journalist will be accompanied by Irish actor James Nesbitt, who recently guest starred in The Hobbit.

That’s all well and good but let’s get to the good part – her hottest photos. Check them out below.

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