Astound Me: COED’s Ultimate American Road Trip Adventure Begins July 2nd!

On July 2nd, John Tramutolo, a fellow COED editor, and myself are once again leaving the comforts of office life and embarking on the ultimate summer adventure – a road trip across America. And this time won’t be all about baseball stadiums tours. Nope, this year is all about getting out on the open road and experiencing some of the most astounding sights, attractions and landmarks around the country.

Equipped with the Nokia Astound from T-Mobile and the road trip smarts we gained last summer from visiting 30 MLB Stadiums in 30 Days, we’re going to cover it all. Although we can’t take everyone with us, we’re more than happy to invite you to follow our adventure whenever you have a moment to drop in on the action.

You can keep up with all the non-stop action – and even join in! On our Facebook page, we’ll upload photo albums and share videos. And on our Twitter (we’ll be using #AstoundMe) we will give you up to the minute news from the road. Because when you’re driving across America, you have a lot of extra time to Tweet. There is a good chance we will be coming to a city near you so follow us on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win some road trip essentials of your own and find out where you can meet-up with us. I’ve included some highlights from our schedule below so drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter and come join us for an Astounding activity or even suggest an addition.

Our Schedule

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