Watch HDTV Wirelessly On Any Computer On Your Network With HDHomeRun

What good is TV if you can’t watch it from everywhere in your house? Instead of being stuck in front of a TV in your living room, knock one out of the park by installing HDHomeRun. Dual tuners connect to a HDTV antenna or a digital cable (unscrambled) to stream live digital TV to your Mac or PC — with the ability to watch two channels simultaneously. Before you ask, yes it offers 1080 HD. We wouldn’t be talking about it if it didn’t.

Since HDHomeRun can go anywhere you like — it’s a tiny box the size of a paperback book that you can hide in a corner or behind a speaker for all it cares — just make sure to connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable and run the setup assistant before you forget all about it.

If you’re a PC person, you can use Windows 7 Media Player to “DVR” as you go (Mac users get the same with the included EyeTV 3 software). Access the provided program guide that’s updated automatically to know when the next Jersey Shore or wrestling extravaganza is coming on. And if you really want, add additional HDHomeRuns to go HDTV crazy.

But just as good, if not maybe even better, is grabbing the app for your iPhone or iPad so you can watch the TV being streamed over Wi-Fi or 3G — whether you’re home or not.

MSRP: $179 (with EyeTV 3), $129 (without)


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