21 Weird, WTF Soaps FTW [PHOTOS]

Guys don’t put much thought into soap; if there’s any brain power dedicated to soap, it’s most likely from that shower scene you saw on YouJizz or when Tyler Durden is introduced in Fight Club. We just want a body wash that doesn’t make us smell like a chick. Still, there are companies out there who will do anything to tap into the ever elusive male demo. What do guys like? Drinking. What do guys HAVE to use everyday? Soap. Next logical step? Liquor scented soap? UrbanDaddy clued us in to the new product from Allsorts, which offers four classic cocktail scented soap bars. It got us thinking of beer soap. Then we thought about all the other random soaps out there. Why anyone would buy these weird, wtf soaps for use is beyond us… why anyone would buy these for display is equally beyond us. Check out pics of the most random, offbeat, wtf soaps ever made below.
SOURCES: Etsy, UrbanDaddy, Urlesque

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