Buzzfeed’s Sportsfeeder Calls Out BarstoolSports [BLOGGING ETIQUETTE]

For a recent college graduate who lives with his parents (hey ladies), being a blogger is pretty much a God-send. I get invites to cool nerd parties, I look at pictures of t*ts all day, and I get to look at pictures of t*ts all day. Having said that, it’s still a b*tch finding new articles and angles on stories that haven’t already been blogged to death. So, that’s why when I checked Sportsfeeder this morning, I noticed a trend of stool-themed videos along with the message below and had mixed feelings.

Essentially, Sportsfeeder directed the message you see above towards Barstool Sports stating that they were tired of their videos and articles being used without getting so much as an acknowledgement or a link. Hey, sh*t happens. COED’s no stranger to this disturbing trend – we’ve been victimized by a site that consistently rips our sh*t without links or hat tips only to play “the internet card” – you know the one, “it’s the wild west” “everyone’s doing it” “ did it first” “you guys do it, too” “Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it!“.

To that end, we’re not saying we don’t bend the rules of public domain, however, when someone calls us out, we do the right thing, we don’t whine or b*tch, and get all childish. We man the f*** up, take responsibility and try to make it right. Are we saying Barstool does that? F*** no. That’s more directed at the site that does it to us.

Yes, it’s inevitable that some sites are going to ‘report’ on the same story or publish a similar piece of content, but when you repeatedly depend on another site to curate or aggregate content, why not give a shout out with a link? Everyone makes mistakes, but when users think you’re the sh*t because you’re working hard to find gems when in reality you’re just squatting on someone else’s hard work, that’s f***ed up. Again, we’re not saints, either. But we try to be as “original” as possible without stepping on toes or crossing lines.

Kudos, Sportsfeeder, for taking a stand. Now, excuse us while we save pics off Google Images.

2 thoughts on “Buzzfeed’s Sportsfeeder Calls Out BarstoolSports [BLOGGING ETIQUETTE]”

  1. I love SportsFeeder and I'm big on making sure to give links and hat tips where necessary. I do have to say that contrary to what you wrote, when Co Ed Magazine ripped one of my posts off and I posted a comment about it, nothing was done.

    "when someone calls us out, we do the right thing, we don’t whine or b*tch, and get all childish. We man the f*** up, take responsibility and try to make it right."

    Not in the case of that story. You guys should practice what you preach.

  2. I appreciate the love but I should never become a story. If you have some beef with BS please don't include me, just saying. As for calling people out, I have called out a few. Before yesterday had these guy rip and plagiarize me!/Sportsfeeder1/status/84597 and their response See where I am going… Yes, story/media stealing is and will remain rampant on the internets. What can you do about it? Well there is public shaming with proof or you could go email the stealer and ask whats up? I would have preferred the latter option but didn't have it. In any case, maybe Rovell will write about blogging etiquette/ethics since he just helped write about tweeting etiquette, so everyone understands what is right, I hope.
    Alright, take care, bye-bye now.

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