30 Mistakes You’ll Make Before You Turn 30

Turning 25 is a historical landmark. You’re officially a quarter century old. When put into those terms, it can make one feel ancient. However, the number that always seems to make young people feel like death is knocking at their door is 30. It’s that pivotal age when you look around and go ‘whoa, what am I doing with my life?’ You see most of your friends are married with kids working at a “career” job and you’re still getting HJs from randoms in between shifts at the grocery store. Check out our list of 30 mistakes you’ll probably make before you turn the dirty thirty below.


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9 thoughts on “30 Mistakes You’ll Make Before You Turn 30”

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  4. Hmmm, I'm 40 & I've only done 3 of those things. Of course, I'm not part of today's brain dead generation.

  5. What a stupid list. This is why America is circling the sewer drain because people view these 30 mistakes as the social normal.

  6. nah. that just tells us that you're stupid and don't learn form your mistakes or the mistakes of others.

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