Free Falling at the Zero Gravity Thrill Park in Dallas, TX

We started off our southwest region at Dallas’ Zero Gravity Thrill Park. Steve and I figured start off the trip with a little friendly competition. A Dizzy Duel. Five Hurl worthy, nauseous nitrous induced rides. First person to get sick, buys an authentic Austin BBQ dinner for the victor. The day was a scorcher, 160 degrees F, with 300% humidity. With the blazing texas sun beating down on us we made our way to the first ride. Texas Blastoff. Think of a giant slingshot, minus the shot (Thank God). We sat in, strapped in and were ready to go. 0 to 70 in 1.2 seconds straight up in the air, then two bungees attached at both ends create what seemed like an hour of back fire, twirling around like a white girl wasted.

Next up skyscraper. This 165 ft windmill whipped us around at 70 mph reaching g force speeds. again. and again. anda again. then backwards.

Third was Skycoaster. Basically they put you + 1 or 2 pals in a belly down superman harness. They retract you back and lets you swing, just like you used to on the swing set on the playground. It’s equally as thrilling.

The bungee jump speaks for itself. Its not easy throwing yourself off a platform 200 ft in the air, and if it is, please go get help. It is, however, an exhilarating feeling. Definitely recommend this one.

The free fall. This was the reason we came to the park in the first place and it didn’t disappoint. Free fall or Nothin But Net, is a 4 second drop from a platform hoisted 16 stories in the air.  We were tied into a basket  harness  hung through the middle of the platform, then dropped like a 8:00 am friday morning math class. longest four seconds of my life.
In the end neither of us puked but we did complete five thrill rides at Dallas’ most astounding location.



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