Hanging With Drama At The Fantasy Factory


MTV’s Fantasy Factory follows the antics of Rob Dyrdek and his cousin Drama at their pimped our warehouse in Los Angeles. It has been my favorite show on MTV for years and judging by the feedback we got on Facebook it seems you guys are pretty big fans too.

On July 13th Drama invited John and I to stop by the Fantasy Factory and we had a free for all with grown up toys within it. From riding bikes into the foam pit to ziplining, we got to do it all! Drama also shot a shoutout video to a couple lucky COED Facebook Fans and hooked us up with a Young and Reckless t-shirt to giveaway along with our Nokia Astound and $50 gas card. All in all this was probably the best stop of the trip for me.

And a funny side note. John rode a BMX bike into the foam pit (see the video below) and lost his sunglasses in it. As it turns out Beiber was at the Fantasy Factory with his Dad only an hour before we were there and lost his sunglasses in the pit too. Apparently he stops by there quite often to catch a break from the mob of fans and ride his purple roadster that is permanently docked at the factory. Imagine if we ran into him? The convo would have been pretty awkward when I told him where I worked.



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COED Insider ESPY Red Carpet Photos