Protect Your Nest Egg and Other Sh*t With This Swann Security System (TECH POST)

Ever wish you could afford one of those home security kits that protects your doors and windows and all that good stuff? And doesn’t take any time to set up? Or maintain? And that doesn’t have wires that you have to string all over the place? Oh, and cheap too?

Then maybe you’re ready for Swann’s Home Wireless Alarm System — I know I am. In my old system, all I had were sensors wired to the doors and windows. Lots of wires running across my sprinkler pipes in the ceiling. Not only did it look like crap, but it flaked the paint onto my head. Did I mention it took the installer 3 days to put it all in? Think that was free?

Here’s what I could have done if I had this Swann kit instead: First, no wires. Period. The backlit control panel I placed in my loft away from prying eyes — or anywhere else there’s an AC outlet. Since it uses RF (radio-frequency) to communicate with its buddies, distance really isn’t an issue. Who’s the control panel talking to? 3 door/window sensors and 2 motion detector sensors, that’s who. You attach the sensors to a door or window so that the connection is broken when it’s opened, and place the motion detectors so that they face an area where there isn’t to be any movement. You know, like facing a window going outside, or a hallway leading to your bedroom. Power them up with batteries and that’s it.

Best part is that you just press a few buttons on the backlit control panel to get everybody on board. Punch in a code to arm/disarm with enough delay to give you a chance to walk, not sprint, up to it. Even better — the siren that goes off when a protected door or window is violated — or movement is detected by one of the motion detectors — causes this honking loud 110 decibel+ detached siren to scream like a banshee. As in ice-pick-through-your-skull loud.

Total setup time for most is going to be less than an hour. And because it’s all modular and easily assembled/disassembled, you can take it with you to use during a road trip or when traveling. Makes staying overnight at a crummy dive with a broken door lock a lot less Bates motel.

By the way, I used to have to run in and turn a key to disarm the system — that was fun when dripping wet or your hands were full of groceries. Swann gives you two keypads: they can arm and disarm for you. Heck they throw in warning stickers and an extra window/door sensor. What more can you ask for under $130.00!

Home Wireless Alarm System ($129.99 retail)

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