15 Effective Tools That Will Make You A Better Bartender

You can drink, but can you bartend? You’re probably not as good as you think. Pouring bottles of liquor directly into your mouth (or the mouths of sorority sisters) doesn’t make you a bartender. Since we’re all about helping you and your friends have a good time, we’re going to make a bartender out of you – one drink at a time. Beam Global Spirits & Wine Master Mixologist, Bobby Gleason (two-time mixologist of the year) has come up with a list of useful tools you’re gonna need to make panties drop (hint: serve the panty dropper). Check it out below.



Bobby “G” Gleason has been bartending since 1984. In 2005 and 2006, he was named the US mixologist of the year. His cocktails have won many competitions, including the New York International Cocktail Competition, the United States Bartenders Guild Championships, and The World’s Most Sensuous Cocktail. Today, Mr. Gleason travels the world, conducting spirits seminars, tastings, cocktail pairing dinners, and bartender trainings. He also invents cocktails and helps develop new spirits and promotions for brands like Canadian Club Whisky and Cruzan Rum.

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