Kevin Love Thinks Wilt the ‘Stilt’ Is Full of Sh*t, Has a New GF

Yesterday, we hit up Times Square to interview Kevin Love and check out his volleyball skills since he’ll be joining the Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball series. While we waited we ogled the volleyball ladies doing their thing. When the time came, we decided to ask him about Wilt Chamberlain. Why Wilt? Because Wilt also played volleyball. I brought up K-Love’s rebounding / scoring record (30 points / 30 rebounds) and the T-wolves wonder acted humbly, redirecting the convo back to Wilt and his season-high rebounding records. “I know that it’s another time and whatever, but it’s still incredible.”

I knew I had an in, so I pounced (no homo). I mentioned that Wilt set another pretty serious record. The magic number being 20,000… Not sounding familiar? Wilt claims to have slept with 20,000 women. Even though Kevin Love has a  NEW girlfriend (anyone who knows, send us the name and pics to, I figured he’s passed on more trim than I’ve seen on the entire internet.

I sacked up and asked him whether or not he thought it would be possible for an All-Star to nail 20,000  girls. His response? “I mean, I think that number is impossible. Wasn’t it even supposed to be between a period of twelve years? Do the math, that’s just ridiculous.”

How about 10,000? “Hahaha, no. Even 10,000 is unbelievable.”

There you have it boys and girls: Wilt Chamberlain is lying. From the mouth of an All-Star who’s passed on more poo-nanny than you’ve ever seen on the internet.

P.S. Were Kevin Love and Jess Gysin talking about our little story last night via Twitter?

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Kevin Love ‘Attacks’ Jess Gysin on the Beach in NYC [42 PHOTOS]