Is Benny Troung The Best Asian Rapper AND Lover? [INTERVIEW]

Born and raised in the slums of Ho Chi Minh City, Benny Troung grew up as an oprhan selling gum and W.W.J.D. bracelets to tourists. He taught himself how to read and write before falling in love with the rap game after listening to Ja Rule’s Between Me and You. The same day, he lost his virginity to a stripper who was too drunk to notice that he was an adolescent. The self proclaimed “Best Asian Rapper” and “Best Asian Lover” sat down with COED one-on-one for his first ever interview. Check it out along with his tracks “Playboy Anthem”, “Got Damn” and “Dead Animals” below.

COED: Benny, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.

Thank you for having me.  Sorry I was late.  I was counting money and it took longer than I expected.  There was just so much of it and I ended up getting a lot of paper cuts.

COED: So you’re fairly new to getting your music out to the fans, but not so new at this gift you have in rapping and boning hoes. How does your day usually go on about?

Usually, my “alarm clock” goes off at around 2 pm.  She starts rubbing my chest and asking me to bone her.  So I give my “alarm clock” a quickie and have her make me breakfast.  After I’m done eating, I tell my “alarm clock” to get the f*ck out of my crib so I can start making music.

Usually, I’ll write about two notebooks worth of flows, make about 100 beats and record like 50 songs.  Then I hit the streets, to find some more “alarm clocks”. Right now, my favorite spots to pick up “alarm clocks” are community colleges.  They’re better than regular colleges because the “alarm clocks” there are dumber and poorer.  The easier the “alarm clock”, the better.

After that, I usually hit the bar.  If I don’t meet an “alarm clock” there, I’ll call one that I have on standby.  I take her to the crib, pop some champagne, put a baby in her body and go to bed.  Next afternoon, repeat the cycle.

COED: Numbers on your YouTube and Facebook don’t justify how big your fan base actually is. You’ve announced recently that you’re coming out with a new album soon, when can we expect that to come out?

Well, I think that the majority of my fans are either in third world Asian countries or in the hood; most of them are too poor to afford internet.  Also, the internet isn’t always a good indicator of what’s hot on the streets.  I don’t need internet numbers to tell me that I am The Best Asian Rapper. My album should be dropping soon.  I was going to drop it this month but Kanye West and Nicki Minaj’s albums were coming out.  I’m fans of theirs and dropping my album at the same time would have severely hurt their sales.  I didn’t want to do them dirty like that.

COED: Honestly, outside of your hood I think Chicago loves you the most. Any plans going on a tour in the states? Any plan to visit Chi Town?

Word up.  I heard that a lot of people have stopped calling it “The Windy City” and are now calling it “The Benny City”.  I actually have a hoe who lives out in Chicago.  She’s half black and half white.  She’s pretty fine.  I have a song about her on my new album.  It’s called: Mulatto from Chicago.  I’ll probably be flying out there in a few months to bone her.  Also, I want to make sure she’s not eating too many deep-dish pizzas and getting fat.  Benny can’t stand a fat hoe. A U.S. tour is definitely something I want to do.  My goal is to bone at least one hoe in every state.

COED: You also said that you’ve got some bad news, and the bad news was that you’ve got gonorrhea. Your fans are deeply concerned for your health and well being, but also relieved that it hasn’t gotten in your way of making music.  How is your recovery going?

I want to thank my fans for their concern.  A couple days ago, I was kind of worried.  I discovered something on my dick.  It looked like a pimple.  I was afraid that I might have herpes on top of my gonorrhea.  Luckily, my doctor told me that it was just an ingrown hair from me shaving my balls.  He recommended I start waxing instead.  Besides that, my recovery is going good.  Just three more weeks of antibiotics and I’ll be clean.  The only bad thing is that I can’t drink until then.  Drinking is definitely a big part of The Playboy Lifestyle.

COED: The first Asian rapper that I was truly impressed by was Jin, but now he’s a “Christian Rapper”. How do you think your style matches up with Jin’s before he turned into a Christian Rapper?

That’s a good question.  I feel that Jin is a good rapper and he definitely opened the doors for a lot of other Asian rappers.  I feel like he is the D.J. Kool Herc to my Jay-Z.  He was the originator but lyrically, there’s no question that I am the best.  Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve boned more bitches than he has.

COED: Thank you Benny for your time and I wish you the best, and hope you have a speedy recovery.

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3 thoughts on “Is Benny Troung The Best Asian Rapper AND Lover? [INTERVIEW]”

  1. Dear Benny Troung and COED,

    are you f**cking kidding me?? I mean big ups on over coming life adversities but "best asian rapper"? it took guts to make it through the first couple minutes of "got damn", but i held strong. even gave the next song a whirl. "playboy anthem"?? in falling in love with the rap game i hope you learned a lot more. any self respecting relationship would express a greater appreciation for the counterpart, unless you two are bed buddies, in that case it seems like you've fucked her good.

    Im a big rap and hip hop fan, with an even greater appreciation for the low flyers, those who are intelligent and diligent, a fan of the music that sinks into your head and drop kicks your brain with some knowledge. the only knowledge i gained from this nauseating musical expedition was that your name was in fact Benny Troung, and that someone out there, for some unknown reason, deemed you one of the greatest…sorry i just threw up in my mouth a little…

    I don't mean to sound brash, or even discerning but i feel a duty bestowed upon myself as an avid music listener. this shit is poison. toxic at every level and i beg of you to stop. you are taking the air out of hundreds of talented artists out there left unrecognized, only to Stumble upon shit like this.

    Ja Rule??? granted he had his share of club hits, its hardly something to declare a passionate love to. or maybe i just didn't listen to it enough, as if the consistent radio promotion didn't kill it enough, every teen boner popping movie seemed to include some miami beach ja rule jamming montage. but hey, whatever sinks your sub, floats your boat butters your biscuit i guess i just don't care, just utterly confused.

    and shame on you coed magazine. tisk tisk. i feel bad for the kid in his dorm room thinking that music like this could deem someone a 'greatest'. i hope this article wasn't a prized possession of one of your staff writers. i hope someone didn't hit 'publish' and sit back feeling victorious and proud. pride's absence left quite a noticeable void. shit, i threw up in my mouth again.

    i can't believe i wasted my time, on the article alone, now I've squandered another 20 minutes writing this thing. apologies to those offended but you know what in the words of marshal mathers. i just don't give a f**k.



  2. I'd say this went over your head taylor, but it's so low flying you must be a midget.

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