Would You Give Up Sex For 1 Year For Digital Textbooks? [POLL]

There are 2 reasons why I was put on this planet. 1: To absolutely dominate all you can eat buffets and 2: to have as much sex as possible. You’d be surprised how closely 2 is tied to 1. You see, the reason I CRUSH massive amounts of heart-stopping food is because chicks dig guys who show off their manhood – whether it’s lifting a ton of weight, running a ton of miles, hitting a ton of home runs, drinking a ton of booze, or eating a ton of food. If you’re winning, they’re sinning. Thing is women don’t like boning as much as guys. So, I gotta believe this survey from Kno, Inc. in which they asked if college students would give up sex for a year to get free digital textbooks must be ALL female respondents. Check out the findings then vote in our poll below.

LEAD IMAGE CREDIT: © Playboy Enterprises (“College Girls” July / August 2008 issue)

  • College students can expect to spend some $2,400 on textbooks during their undergraduate careers, and a quarter of students have to carry in excess of 20 pounds’ worth of books on a typical day, according to the study.
  • 62% of respondents said they would study more often if they could access their textbooks from anywhere without having to carry them around
  • 54% said [digital textbooks] would make their studies more efficient.
  • 71% of college students said they were keen to “go digital” by putting required-reading materials on a mobile or desktop application or through the web
  • 70% of students say they’d prefer to have electronic books
  • 25% say they’re so tired of dragging around backpacks full of books that they’d willingly become celibate.
  • Meanwhile, repeated surveys from the Student Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) have revealed 75 percent of college students are fine dragging around hard-back textbooks.

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SOURCES: Reuters, Good.is

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