SuperTooth’s Disco Speakers Bring The Funk AND The Noise [TECH]

Everyone is looking for an affordable speaker that you can really rock out to on the go. Sure, you can plug in one of those portable Radio Shack-type speakers that runs off a few “AA” batteries and listen to all of 1 watt of power that’s lower volume than a flushing toilet. Alternatively, you could cop a SuperTooth Disco and party anywhere. I’d suggest the latter. I own one, so I know.

It’s a hefty sound bar (about the length of your elbow to wrist as long as you’re not Hulk Hogan) that feels like it has serous electronics inside, which it does. Two 8-watt amps for stereo speakers (parabolic membrane) and a 12-watter for the subwoofer (Nedoyne high efficiency). That’s 28 watts in all, who says I can’t do math?

Since it’s Bluetooth it goes great with an i-device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) but same goes for any BT equipped A2DP (say thanks for tech standards). Tell it who’s the boss and forget about puny batteries since the rechargeable gives you 3+ hours. And that’s at high volume ’cause less means up to 10 hours.

All this comes courtesy of spinning that honking big retro V-knob on the front, surrounded by serious controls like “Play,” “Pause,” “Next” and “Previous.” The phone can do this stuff too and control the volume as well. But if you want to get the low-down on the decibels you’ll have to hit the Disc’s Bass switch.

But the real skinny is not how easy this sets up or how you can plug a mini-jack in if you have no choice — it’s how good it sounds. You can get some serious volume out of this guy — enough to piss off the neighbors from your backyard. Who can’t get behind that? And damn skippy there’s a form-fitting, semi-rigid velcro case for carrying it and the charger around.

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