How To Turn Your Scraps Into Smoke-worthy Weed [Weedly Column]

In an earlier Weedly Column, we gave you the basics of Hashish: what it is, why it’s so powerful, and a quick way to make it at home using only your fingers. Since the article was only a general overview of the potent stuff, we left out some of the more complex methods. If you’re feeling like a true MacGyver and have a considerable amount of weed scraps, read on!

First, for the purposes of this post we will refer to the marijuana plant as a ‘contaminate’ because we’re looking for the trichomes which have the THC. In no other instance will you ever hear me talking about weed as a contaminate. Second, we will refer to ‘skuff’ as the leaves, trim, and other plant material you would normally throw away. It’s important that the skuff is not ground up. Essentially, we will be turning the skuff you have into keef.


This will require either a store-bought flatscreen, or four pieces of wood and a mesh-screen you can buy from a local art-store (preferably as high as 135 lines / inch). Glue the pieces of wood together to make a square frame, then glue the screen to the bottom. Place the frame over a collection surface, pour the skuff on top, then push the skuff around with a credit card. It is important to note that the less pressure you use, the higher the quality the glands (because there are less contaminates in there). Flatscreening is the cheapest form of obtaining the goods that you want yet also yields the least.

Hash Tumbler

This method works on the same principle as the Flatscreening, only the weed is tumbled, not rubbed in the screen. The result is more keef, but the device is much harder to make. Essentially, you will need a motor to spin the cylinder of mesh and a bucket / box to retrieve the stuff. If you feel like being industrious, check out this thread and go all the way to the last post – the instructions are too long to put in here. If you’re a lazy smoker, you can always buy the pollinator.


I’ve got a feeling this is the method you’re going to use. Throw your scraps along with some ice into a blender and fill with cold water (cold is the name of the game here). Pulverize your mixture for no longer than a minute. Then strain your ‘smoothie’ into a big glass jar. Put more ice cubes into that jar, then place it in the fridge. You will see that after a while, the contaminates will rise to the top and the good stuff will sink to the bottom. Siphon out the extraneous water in the middle, then repeat the process all over again. The orangish stuff is what you want. When the water is gone from your jar, spoon that sh*t out and then allow it to dry overnight. Boom. Keef. Now that you finally have some, why don’t you turn it into hash? Read on.

Press that Sh*t

To home-press your keef into hash, you will need some wax paper and an iron. Place your keef onto a sheet of wax paper, distribute it up evenly, then wrap it up into a rectangle. Then place that onto another sheet of wax paper and repeat the process. You want five or six layers of the wax paper to protect the inside layer around the keef from melting. Yes, you’re going to be heating it up – the heat combined with light pressure helps to bind the good stuff together.

Take that wax rectangle, set your iron to ‘steam’, and then gently and evenly press the wax on each side – 2 seconds on, 2 seconds off for around 45 seconds. Wait for the wax to cool down, then place your present in the freezer overnight. Enjoy the next morning!

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