Sciryl Is The World’s Fastest Rapper [VIDEO]

So, I’m on the subway last Friday, tired as sh*t from another devastating work week, and all I want to do is shut my eyes and bathe in silence when these two excitable motherf*ckers hop on last second. I don’t pay much attention and I try to shut them out. Then the announcement comes, “Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen-” Goddammit. Please stop. I don’t have any money. One girl is like, “I’ve seen you guys FOUR times today.” God bless her. The guitarist takes her request – “Green Day”. On the fly, not so bad. Then, they launch into their act. The rapper goes OFF.

I’ve heard Busta. I’ve heard Twista. But this dude shredded the English language. I’m sure if you played it in slow-mo, it’d still be too fast. We arrive at the destination and they mention a website to the girl, but I can’t hear it. I exit but pop my head back in to get the site. “I saw you guys dot com,” the rapper says at a normal pace.

So, I checked it out. The duo’s comprised of guitar player Akil and rapper SciryL (Lyrics backwards). Sciryl’s real name is Brian Henry and he’s 22 years old, born and raised in Harlem. In 2005, at the age of 17, he was chosen from 500 poets citywide to be part of the 6 person Urban Word team that took 1st place at the National Slam Competition.

More recently, he was featured on BET’s 106 and Park as the Wild Out Wednesday Spotlight Artist. As well, he was the main artist in Pepsi’s Refresh Project airing on VH1 & MTV.

SciryL has already written and recorded 3 albums and continues to work on new material.

I’ve browsed his SoundCloud tracks but couldn’t find any fast rap, but luckily YouTube came through. Check it…

For more of Sciryl check out his: Facebook | Twitter | Official Website | SoundCloud

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