42 Most Memorable Movie Dudes of All-Time [POLL]

First, let’s define “memorable” – it’s something that’s worth remembering or easily remembered. So, for our list of most memorable movie dudes, we took both meanings into consideration – male characters that are both easily remembered (you don’t need hints, clues, or the like) and WORTH remembering. That’s the key word here – worth. There are thousands of great performances or great actors who can bring any character to life but these male CHARACTERS are the ones we know right off the bat and are okay in our book. Check it out in our slideshow below then vote for the most memorable in our poll.
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8 thoughts on “42 Most Memorable Movie Dudes of All-Time [POLL]”

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  3. where the fuck is Han Solo? no no no Where the fuck is Han Solo? I don't want excuses just get me Han Solo

  4. Found it funny that you point out the irony in people trying to emulate Patrick Bateman when his whole character was really a satire of that type of lifestyle, and yet seemed to miss the mark completely saying that you'd want to be like Gordon Gekko despite Wallstreet really being a cautionary tale about greed and the American obsession with wealth.

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