The 10 Worst Colleges For Earning A High Salary Are Predominantly Black

On August 11th, SmartMoney released its list of the top schools that land you top dollar when you graduate. If you’re an alumnus of Georgia Tech, Texas, Florida, Clemson, Illinois, Purdue, Miami of Ohio or UCal Berkeley, you’re most likely rollin’ in dough. However, what about the flip side of that equation? With tuition increasing annually and the job market sucking balls, it’s understandable that most graduates take years to break even, but if you’re enrolled at one of the institutions on’s list, you might want to think about transferring (unless you enjoy poverty). The real kicker? Four out of these 10 schools are historically black. Is this a reflection of discrimination in the workplace? Or should these schools consider lowering their costs? Take a look and let us know in the comments section below.


  • Most of the schools specialize in preparation for historically underpaid careers: social work, education, etc.
  • These schools have a high number of out-of-staters; they offer non-resident graduates less than 5% annual return on their tuition investment. (Only a few flagship state university campuses and top-ranked public engineering universities make the top 100 for ROI when paying out-of-state tuition)

SOURCE: PayScale

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  2. Damn! That's sad. I love the one about Pembroke, Cougars in Training. And the one about SHAW, graduating to be ministers and pastors. Too true.

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