The 20 Greatest Movie Soundtracks of All-Time [POLL]

Nothing makes a movie stand out more than having a good soundtrack. Music can have a major impact on the mood of a scene and the flow of an entire movie. Music is an intricate component of a film, so it’s important to hit on all cylinders by matching the right piece of music to help trigger emotion from its viewer.  I was excited to take a trip down memory lane, but when I was asked to write this piece I realized there was a huge collection of films to go through making up this list. Somehow, some way I have narrowed down the list to 20 classic soundtracks that I know you’ll enjoy. Check out our list of best soundtracks then make sure to vote for your favorite below!

Notables That Couldn’t Quite Cut It:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly | The Star Wars Trilogy | The Magnificant Seven | South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut |

The Godfather | Superman: The Movie | This is Spinal Tap

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