Tiffany Crystal’s #TiffanyTuesday Gets Dirty

We asked you guys to tweet questions to our newest sexpert Tiffany Crystal (@Tiff_Crystal w/ hash-tag #TiffanyTuesday) in exchange for a new super sexy pic of her posing with an “I ♥ COED” sticker. You guys came through and so did our Miss COED with solid answers and an AMAZING mud-covered photo that’s downright dirty. Check out her inaugural Q&A advice session then stick around to peep pics of mad hot mud wrestlers below.

#TiffanyTuesday for August 30, 2011

Hey Coed readers! I hope you all survived Irene this weekend and were able to get out and have some fun! I didn’t let a little storm get in my way of having a good time! You see, a common misconception about being a model is that we are a bunch of girly girls. I grew up in the country where an average weekend consisted of boating, fishing or some party out in the woods, rain or shine! And that is exactly what I did this weekend! An innocent little backyard BBQ turned into a slip n’ slide/ mud wrestling match! I managed to snap a pic for you guys before I got totally filthy! I think this definitely proves I love my COED!

So! On to #TiffanyTuesday! Thanks for the tweets this week guys! Remember, the more creative and unique the better-and don’t be shy, I don’t bite…most of the time 🙂

@BillyWilson6: [What’s your] biggest turn-off?

Tiffany: You have heard it over and over again…being a cocky lil’ snot! Please men, learn the difference between arrogance and confidence. Pretending to be a big deal or hot shit just makes me think you are a douche-ass who I have no interest in getting to know (even though you might really be awesome that attitude you are putting off is only creating a barrier I have no interest in breaking down). And yes, that is a word I made up for douchebags who are making an ass out of themselves.

@gowshe12: [W]hat is the most pleasurable thing a woman expects?

Tiffany:  Guys, don’t underestimate the power of a back rub, foot massage, and head rub! Sure, sounds boring, but instead of worrying about all the right moves in the bedroom, we think about all the things before that point leading up to it…call it mental foreplay if you your fingers through our hair during the day, THEN pull it once we are getting frisky 🙂

@cycyrdotcom: [Did you] work with any crazy boating, sport or fashion photographers recently?

Tiffany: Yes! Actually I did this RIDICULOUS (sarcasm inserted here) shoot for a magazine where my prop was a vibrating, light up, water proof….walkie talkie! The photographer got some awesome shots of my hand oh so naturally reaching for it and of me frolicking in the waves and running in slow motion (and just so you readers know, the very awesome photographer mentioned here is the one who asked the question, and it really was a great shoot!)


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