Wrap It Up: Rachel Uchitel Is Happy Her Fiance Died In 9/11 Edition

PHOTO CREDIT: Rossa Cole / Splash News

Rachel Uchitel is glad her former fiance died in 9/11.

Soulja Boy apologized for sh*tting on the troops.

Eddie Murphy will host the Oscars.

Beetlejuice is getting a reboot.

Justin Bieber pulled a crossover on Steve Nash. Please end the f***ing lockout.
Aziz Ansari got remixed…
Google paid tribute to Freddie Mercury…
Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme might join Expendables 2. Meanwhile, Bill Murray thought Garfield was going to be a Coen Brothers movie.

What’s more jarring to the eye? Kevin Durant’s back tattoo or Maryland’s uniforms from Week 1?

Caroline Wozniacki did her best impression of Rafael Nadal’s cramp-riddled post-match press conference…
This snag by Ohio State’s Evan Spencer is an early favorite for catch of the year…
The Jaguars released former starting QB David Garrard.

Here are the Winnipeg Jets new uniforms.

Here’s the most ballin’est music video about sex education… today…
Here’s Twilight in 4 seconds…
Here are the 100 sexiest female singers in the world.

A french dude got f***ed by his ex-wife for not f***ing her enough. Meanwhile, a sperm donor has fathered over 150 kids.

Peace out, bitches! We’re off to get some fried bubble gum then fill out an application at the Heroin Mill.

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