9 NFL Teams That Need New Uniforms [77 PHOTOS, POLL]

There’s been a lot of chatter about the new or altered college football uniforms from Nike and Under Armour. Some were winners (ND, Michigan) while others were eyesores (Maryland). Regardless of how good or bad they were, I applaud these teams for experimenting. Well, back in November of last year, the NFL announced Nike would design new uni’s for the 2012 season. The internet was flooded with prototype designs, NONE of which were real. Some were just straight up outlandish. The best came from a designer by the name of Doug Houvener.

So, we decided to take a look at the teams who need to update their uni’s in a big way. Hey, when you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you play good. Check out our list then┬ávote for the team(s) that should update their look. Be sure to scope our gallery of user-generated Nike Pro Combat Uniforms and let us know which ones you like the most in our comments section.


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14 thoughts on “9 NFL Teams That Need New Uniforms [77 PHOTOS, POLL]”

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  2. I disagree with so much of this post. First off, the "classic" uniforms of the Colts, Browns and Cowboys are fine. Second, the Jags emblem is really silly, not okay at all. Third, the new Bills upgrade is good. Lastly, the Bengals should have been on this list.

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  4. Terrible article. The Bills new/old look is really nice after coming off the single worst uniform set in the NFL; you would get rid of the Colts and the Cowboys? Would you also trash the Yankees' uniforms? The Celtics? Why would you stomp on a beautiful tradition? This Nike Pro Combat junk is action-movie fodder for over-excited teenage boys. They're playing football, not fighting wars or supervillains.

  5. Neal - Johns Hopkins

    You're seriously putting the Colts and Cowboys in the same league as the Yankees and Celtics? Get over yourself. Notice the Packers aren't on this list – they win championships. Even the Giants who are steeped in tradition changed their uni's. Think outside the box, broham.

  6. This is the stupidest NFL uniform article I have ever read. This Neal guy has an IQ of a paramecium. Neal, you need to wear a shirt which says "You're with stupid" all the time.

  7. Neal - Johns Hopkins

    Shouldn't there be an arrow pointing to me then? Guess you forgot that part of your hilarious comment. SO SMART, J. Blows Goats.

  8. Do you know what you're writing about? The Bills have gone from the absolute worst to one of the best. The Colts have been a contender every year since '99 (this year doesn't count) and the Cowboys have won five SBs. Both uniforms are classics, as are the Browns. The Giants changed their unis (no apostrophe required) to the retro classic that they wore in the Y.A. Tittle era of the early 60s. Pretty well every old uniform is nicer than the atrocities that teams who have "updated" their look are wearing now. Thank gawd the 49'ers saw the light and went back to their pre-1995 beauties.

  9. The Colts, Browns and Cowboys uniforms ARE classic though. You're obviously not a true football fan if you can't understand that. Get rid of the terrible "updated" uniforms like the Vikings, Broncos, Falcons, and Cardinals and bring back the good looking, classic uniforms that made the NFL look respectable and not like a bunch of 12 year olds designed the uni's. 6 of the 9 teams you picked for new uniforms already look good. Poorly written article.

  10. I agree, the Bills new uniform doesn't need a change; I think it is a nice look. I also agree that the Colts are good but I would be open some kind of change with the Cowboys and Browns uniforms (not to say they don't look fine now, but a small change wouldn't be so bad). I do agree that the Jags emblem needs a change. The emblem doesn't look "badass" in any way. And finally, I don't know, I like the Bengals uniform. The Bengals orange uniform especially has a nice look in my opinion.

  11. So much wrong with this article, IMO. 'Skins, Colts, Cowboys, Bills, Browns… All classic. These should not be screwed with. No, the Jags logo is not "bad-ass," it's rather generic just like another team that SHOULD be at the top of this list, the Panthers. And one last thing, the Patriots and the present day flying Elvis unis are not a "HUGE" upgrade over the '70s/'80s red jerseys and Pat Patriot helmet logo. Crazy to say that they are.

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