Facemash Meets Hot Or Not At UniversityRated.com [15 PHOTOS]

If you’re like me, the idea of browsing photos of both random girls and girls from your school seems like a great way to pass your time. Hell, that’s pretty much how Facebook got its start (remember the scene in The Social Network when Zucky created Facemash?). UniversityRated’s formula is simple but amazingly addictive. Not only are you making snap-decision judgement calls on complete strangers, but the comments section is completely anonymous. Allow me to repeat: Completely. Anonymous.

All the people on this site have uploaded their photos knowing that they’re going to get judged by you, so why not go for it? You’re presented with two chicks, one of whom you have to choose. Then the next photo comes up. It’s not f*cking rocket science and I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent here. Funny enough, I saw someone on UniversityRated who I actually knew. Needless to say I down-voted that b*tch. If there’s one thing I can do over and over again, it’s rate girls. I now have a place to do that and actually make a difference.

Warning: May Kill Hours of Your Day!

Check out some of the girls on UniversityRated.com below and be sure to follow UniversityRated on Facebook and Twitter.

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