21 Sexiest Pics of Famke Janssen for Her Birthday

Everyone’s going gaga over the new Bond girl, Berenice Marlohe. We agree that she’s a real looker, but there have been some legendary ladies who’ve paved the way for her. My personal favorite Bond baddie has been (and probably always will) be Xenia, played by the seriously sexy Famke Janssen. Onatopp of her Goldeneye appearance, other memorable roles include the sexy/nerd teacher from The Faculty, Jean Grey/Phoenix in the X-Men movies, and Liam Niesson’s ex-wife in Taken. After looking at these photos of the birthday girl (that’s right, she turns 46 today) you’ll agree that she looks amazing on both the big screen and on your home monitor. Check out the sexiest photos of Dutch model/actress Famke Janssen below.








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