We’re Looking For Spring 2012 Interns

That’s right, b*tches – we’re hiring. If you (or your smarter, better looking, funnier friend) thinks you have what it takes to be a part of our well-oiled machine, apply today. If you don’t know the difference between their / they’re / there or you’re / your, do not bother applying. If you’ve never been laid or shotgunned a beer, please re-evaluate your life. Full submission details are below.

If you don’t know already (you should, btw), we’re…

A leading entertainment and lifestyle site for college guys that features eye catching photo galleries of the world’s hottest women, hilarious videos, random WTF-ness, in-depth interviews, and humorous, thought-provoking articles on sports, movies, television, music, fashion, technology, travel, partying, and hooking up.

We rep our domain real hard, son


The ideal candidate will be an exceptional writer with a knack for spotting new Internet trends before they even happen. The ability to proofread, write on the spot, and come up with creative spins on breaking news is absolutely essential.

Responsibilities include:

  • Writing at least 1 original post per day
  • Assisting editors with long-term projects & special features
  • Finding interesting stories
  • Compiling photo galleries & video / audio playlists
  • Updating our social networking accounts

The position is unpaid but college credit can be earned. We would prefer our interns to be able to go to the NYC offices 2-3x a week, but telecommuters outside the NYC area are welcome to apply.


We’re Sending One Lucky COED Reader To Stunt School!
We’re Sending One Lucky COED Reader To Stunt School!