Discount Double Check These 26 Funny Aaron Rodgers Pics

Lead photo by AP / Morry Gash

December 2nd is A-Rod’s birthday. No, not that dooshasore-@ss, I’m talkin’ ’bout Aaron Rodgers, Super Bowl MVP and all-around awesome dude. That’s coming from a diehard Giants fan who hopes he sh*ts the bed this Sunday. He supports Movember, has a sense of humor (photobombs), dates face-melters, he stars in funny commercials, and doesn’t sext d*ck pics to co-workers. We were thinking of all the ways we could pay tribute to him – 50 chicks Aaron Rodgers should date to one up Tom Brady, things you didn’t know about him (like he only received 1 scholarship offer, to be a walk-on at Illinois), 10 ways Aaron Rodgers could be less lovable (date Casey Anthony) – but we figured he’s got enough people hanging from his sack. Why not poke fun at him? So, we pulled together a bunch of hilarious pics and fan art from Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood. Check ’em out below.


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