The Misunderstoods Will Crash the Super Bowl [VIDEOS]

Contrary to non-existent belief, The Misunderstoods are NOT a crazy hot up-and-coming band from London who shag on stage at gigs. They’re a comedy group made up of Michael Covino, Ryan Bachand, Alexandra Mauriello, Nick Lane, Chris Bachand, Christiano Covino , Kyle Marvin, and Ryan Nivakoff. Together, they form like Voltron to tickle the sh*t out of your funny bone. I personally know two of its members (M. Covino, R. Nivakoff) and I’m forced to wear diapers when we hang out. Anyway, they’ve produced a commercial for Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. To prep you for the lolz, check out their funniest skits then click the link at the bottom to cast your vote.

For more of The Misunderstoods, check out their:

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Camel Ammo for VC Commercial


The Real Fruit Ninja #2


I’m on a Phone featuring Smule’s I Am T-Pain


Recession Christmas


What Would Jesus Do?


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