COED’s Epic Christmas Smorgasbord [PICS, VIDEOS]

Merry Christmas, e’erybody! By now, you’ve opened up your gifts and planned out when and how you’ll be able to return / throw away / exchange them all. If you’re unsatisfied with tonight’s lineup of sh*tty Christmas specials and don’t feel like watching the Packers blast the Bears, we’ve got a virtual feast for the eyes that includes Classic Christmas movies, Christmas cleavage, Page 3 Girls, Denise Milani, the ultimate Christmas music playlist, Christmas drinking games, Christmas songs to avoid, Santa Claus beer pongin’ & bongin’, suicidal Christmas dogs, beer can Christmas trees, Christmas taxidermy, drunk XXX-mas party girls, and WTF Christmas ornaments. Click through to overdose on the Christmas spirit.

Left to right: Christmas Cleavage, Classic Christmas Movies, Page 3 Christmas Girls

From Left to Right: Christmas Drinking Games, Denise Milani Pics, Christmas Music Playlist

From Left to Right: Redneck Christmas, Christmas Beers, Homemade Mr. Hankeys

From Left to Right: Worst Christmas Songs, St. Nick Beer Bong/Pong, Christmas Horror Movies

From Left to Right: Beer Can Christmas Trees, F U X-mas Video, Suicidal Christmas Dogs

From Left to Right: Christmas Taxidermy, Drunk Christmas Party Girls, WTF X-Mas Ornaments

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