Sexy Superfans of the 2012 BCS Games [PHOTOS]

Love it or hate it, the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is what we’re stuck with, so why not have a little fun with it? A few weeks ago we showed you the BCS National Championship Contenders’ sexiest superfans but we chose to pocket the other four games and their gridiron gals – until now. That’s right, we’re rolling out the hottest football fans from schools like #5 Oregon, #23 West Virginia, #4 Stanford, and #10 Wisconsin just to remind you of why we spent five years in college. Playoff brackets be d*mned, I want my hot girls all at once.

Wisconsin vs. Oregon

Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio

Pasadena, Calif.
Rose Bowl
Jan. 2/5 p.m. ESPN

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Stanford vs. Oklahoma State

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

Glendale, Ariz.
U. of Phoenix Stadium
Jan. 2/8:30 p.m. ESPN

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Michigan vs. Virginia Tech

Allstate Sugar Bowl

New Orleans
Louisiana Superdome
Jan. 3/8:30 p.m. ESPN

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Clemson vs West Virginia

Discover Orange Bowl

Sun Life Stadium
Jan. 4/8:30 p.m. ESPN

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No. 1 LSU vs. No. 2 Alabama

Allstate BCS National Championship Game

New Orleans
Louisiana Superdome
Jan. 9/8:30 p.m. ESPN

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63 thoughts on “Sexy Superfans of the 2012 BCS Games [PHOTOS]”

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  6. NeighborOfTheBeast

    All these girls are very, very pretty. Choosing between then is like choosing between a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or an Aston Martin–it's all a matter of personal taste. I am constantly amazed at how cute the southern gals are, but the ones from Clemson are ridiculously hot. Makes me want to pack up and move to South Carolina with a quickness! Talk about "Carolina honeys"!!!

  7. I like how that there are two pictures that are exactly the same, except in one the panties on the girls say W-V-U, and in the other one they say L-S-U.

  8. I honestly believe LSU and Alabama should play to a tie. After lookig at the pics of the two ladies , I can think of 4 reasons why they're evenly matches and the two breast teams.

  9. kudo's to all the hotties representing thier colleges of choice,I'm a FIRM believer that this will open doors for alot of these beautiful girls.I'm putting together a pajama-party for all of these paticipants Please r.v.s.p. lots of Love, L.L.C. (upstate N.Y. where it's pretty like these women)



  11. My Dad always told me there are two kinds of women…
    BIG ole good ones ..and
    Good ole BIG ones..
    I thought that all the girls were very nice.
    Didn't see why the guy had to be in one picture tho…

  12. What is that COwboys locker room photo? What the Mexican is about to go down on the black chic while the blonde its her from the back with a strap on?

  13. ok willy go play with your willy cuz you are a loner. no one pretty? wtf is your def of pretty. get a life.


  15. Seeing all these Bear Bryant hat-wearing gals in the 21st century is a quaint reminder that that racist bigot is still celebrated in 'Bama. That's what I like about the South. No class (or teeth) but spouting Christian platitudes while dressing like streetwalkers is just peachy. It seems, likewise, that some of the daughters have to compete with mom as to whom can be the sluttiest dresser.

  16. Belly piercings are repulsive no matter how "hot" the girl is. Mediocore dime a dozen bimbettes at best.

  17. Matt from Detroit

    Bryant was reflecting the attitudes of the time (btw he did recruit blacks from 1970 on). It IS possible to respect a flawed person for what they DID accomplish, although not to you it seems. However, what is obviously apparent by your post is that YOU are just as prejudiced.

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