The Guy’s Guide To Cuddling, Spooning, and Hugging [HE SAID SHE SAID]

Everyone’s aware of the stereotypical fact that guys like to fall asleep after sex and girls like to cuddle, but what’s really going on in a dude’s head when the girl tries to get all up on us? Taking it a step further, when does a guy ever like to hug or get incredibly close to someone? Strangely enough, those times happen – but the moment needs to be right. One of the most awkward things a girl can do is get too¬†attached¬†(via snuggles or emotions) after a one-night stand.

Alright, so we’ve just laid some serious pipe down on some slampiece and it’s looking more and more like she’s going to want to sleep over. Obviously that last part is a given (so she can get it again in the morning), but you can’t just be letting every floozie spend the night. If she makes the cut, you better prepare yourself for some snuggling. The best possible scenario is for you to put your arm around her, lie on your back, and hoping that you’re both comfortable enough to fall asleep eventually.

Obviously, this isn’t going to happen. ‘Comfort’ is only going to last until your arm falls asleep, thereby will prevent the rest of your body from going to sleep. That’s why I suggest a few other alternatives:


Now that we’ve handled the best post-sex manuevers, we should talk briefly about other instances of getting close to a female friend. No, not hooking up with a friend of yours (something I don’t suggest) – I’m talking about hugs. Very simply put, give them to girls. Girls hand out hugs like they’re water. Ok maybe handing out water is something that seems difficult to do, but you get the point. When you see some girl from way back when, don’t shake her hand. Give her a hug. The only time a guy should be shaking a woman’s hand is A) If it’s for your job or B) When you’re introduced to someone for the first time.

Some of you reading this might be wondering why I’m even talking about hugs, but there are more than a few guys I know who don’t understand that handshakes can lead to unnecessary awkwardness. I’m only here to help… I welcome any and all people weighing in on my opinions / advice in the comment section below.


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