Build The Ultimate Gaming PC For Around $1,000

I’m a huge gamer but do 99% of all my gaming on consoles – it frees up the space on my computer for music and porn. If I were to start gaming on a computer, however, I’d build a PC from scratch. Buying something like an Alienware is flat-out retarded, ridiculously overpowered but also super expensive. So when I saw this guide for building a kick-a** PC on Reddit, I knew I had to show you guys. In terms of expense, $1020 isn’t so bad for a computer that will last you years, so check out the components for an affordable gaming mecca below! Special thanks to subreddit /BuildAPC for putting this together.


Please note that this is only a component list. If you want some help on actually building the PC, the community on /BuildAPC is fan-f*cking-tastic. You can also search another forum called Google to help you out.

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  1. Probably a great list of components but you don't mention any of the components by model/make, just "ram" and "cpu", giving the price and online store is useless without specifics.

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