Top 8 States With The Dirtiest Sounding Town Names

This week Facebook announced they will now allow current residents of Effin, Ireland to list their town’s name. We think the reasoning behind it getting banned in the first place is a little unreasonable considering it’s a fairly SFW way to say ‘f***ing’, which has ALWAYS been acceptable to list for the residents of F***ing, Austria. Anyway, we thought we’d take a look at the dirtiest (read: sexually suggestive) sounding town names in America, but there’s a virtual orgy’s worth, so we’ve narrowed the list down to the top states with the dirtiest. Check it out along with most common dirty sounding town names and honorable mentions. Let us know if we missed any in the comments.

Most Common Dirty Sounding Town Names:

  • Beaver (11) – Beaver Bay MN, Beaver Crossing NE, Beaver AK, Beaver OK, Beaver PA, Beaver UT, Beaver WV, Beaverlick KY, Beaverville IL, Beaverville NJ, Big Beaver Valley WA
  • Big Lick (3) – Big Lick KY, Big Lick NC, Big Lick TN
  • Climax (9) – Climax Springs MO, Climax AL, Climax CO, Climax GA, Climax KS, Climax MI, Climax MN, Climax NC, Climax PA
  • Shafter (5) – Shafter, CA, Shafter, IL, Shafter, KY, Shafter, MO, Shafter, TX
  • Threeway (3) – Three Way AR, Three Way AZ, Threeway VA

Dirty Sounding Town Names We’ll Never Forget:

  • Assawoman Bay, DE
  • Assinippi, MA
  • Bloody Dick, MT
  • Bone Gap, IL
  • Felch, MI
  • Hopeulikit, GA
  • Humptulips, WA
  • Maggie’s Nipples, WY
  • Rough and Ready, CA
  • Shitepoke Creek, OR
  • Spread Eagle, WI
  • Spunk Creek, MN
  • Tilicum, WA
  • Wanker’s Corner, OR

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  1. You missed the most famous Pennsylvania town. In Berks County near Reading, is the town of Virginsville. I never met one there, and the highway dept. can't keep the road signs up because of theft. Every guy worth his salt has a Virginsville road sign in his room.

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