Charlie Brown Is A Creep, He’s A Weirdoooooo [VIDEO]


Fun fact: Friends, family, and everyone with normal vision calls me Charlie Brown. Keep in mind, I’ve never once said, “Good grief” nor have I ever owned a dog that even remotely resembles Snoopy and my sister is awesome and not obsessed with some piano playing p*ssy. However, I do have this woe-is-me attitude, which I guess Charlie’s known for. And that’s why I stopped watching the Peanuts gang. Reminded me too much of myself. I also believe Radiohead’s song “Creep” was written exclusively for me. So, you can imagine my wonder when Rob Yulfo combined the two forces with this mashup. He took it next level by including Vega Choir‘s cover from The Social Network. People also say, “You’re a mean one, Mr. Lynch”. To that I say, I don’t belong here.

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