Are You A Stellar Digital Wingman?

What makes a good wingman? Striking up conversation with girls just to pass them off to your friend in a rut. Making your bro look cool to a group of girls.  That is solid wingman work. Now what makes an epic wingman? Probably a guy who could help a guy get lucky based solely off what he’s wearing.

Our friends at Bonobos, the online men’s brand renowned for their better fitting clothes, and The Rundown are letting you put your wingman skills to the test by dressing a guy in the clothes most likely to get him some action. All you need to do is select an outfit for our lonely guy and if your outfit is chosen as the best not only will you get to keep the clothes but you’ll get a $1000 shopping spree at Even if you do a decent job and place in the top 10 you’ll recieve a $100 shopping spree. Regardless if you win you’re still going to walk away with 20% off to Bonobos just for trying so give it a shot over at!

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