12 Cities That Deserve an NFL Expansion Team

This past Friday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that ideally all 32 current NFL franchises are going to stay right where they are. That being said, there are still potential plans in the works to bring an NFL team to sunny Los Angeles…and another unnamed city. If the L.A. expansion happens, Goodell dropped a bomb saying that they wouldn’t stay at 33 teams, and would in fact add another franchise! Yep, you heard that right, 34 NFL teams! That is big news for NFL fans around the country (and continent?) as nobody knows what city would be chosen. We put together a list of 12 cities the NFL should consider a franchise for, what do you think is the best pick?

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10 thoughts on “12 Cities That Deserve an NFL Expansion Team”

  1. First, all Deep Southern cities MUST be removed from consideration (Jackson, Little Rock, Birmingham); hasn't the low attendance records in Jacksonville taught us anything? Next for elimination are cities with powerhouse college football teams (Oklahoma City – Norman is a suburb and Columbus). Louisville is split between Bengals and Colts fans, whereas Des Moines and Omaha just don't feel right as host cities. The poor Vegas economy would hardly support a pro sports team, and the Bills' Toronto experiment is hardly been fruitful. That leaves two possible candidates: Portland and San Antonio. Both cities host NBA teams with rabid fan bases. San Antonio, like the rest of Texas, is full of potential football fans. Plus, San Antonio boast a Top 10 population index rating. Most importantly, they currently have a stadium (Alamo Dome) that would be a suitable temporary site.

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  4. San Antonio all the way! Back in 04 after Katrina hit New Orleans, Tom Benson brought the Saints to SA to play while the dome was being repaired. The support was unreal. Sold out every game. Can San Antonio support and have a successful NFL team? You bet they can. Will Jerry Jones fight it til the bitter end? Probably. But it's a no brainer.

  5. Jackson, MS, Des Moines, IA, Little Rock, AR & Omaha, NE don't have big enough TV markets for the NFL to even consider them.. nor does Wichita (where the metro area and the TV market is far, far smaller than pittsburgh, orlando, st.louis, buffalo, tampa & cincinnati)

  6. San Antonio, L.A. , and Toronto are the best options, Toronto Bills games were always sold out, and the Skydome hold 55,000+ thousand plus has a huge number of luxery boxes, that is more then good for the NFL, and they like NFL better then the CFL anyways. San Antonio is also a good option, they would be the best spot IMO next to Toronto

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