Conan Would Approve of Lana Del Rey & Daniel Radcliffe’s Love Child [PHOTO]

Back when Conan was the host of Late Night, he had a hilarious skit called, “If They Mated” where he’d take pics of two celebs that are rumored to be (or are) hooking up and mesh them together to give us a horrid photo of the fugliest looking offspring. Why do I bring this up? Because after Lana Del Rey “bombed” on SNL, Daniel Radcliffe came to her defense. Then today, Daniel reiterated his support for Lana on “Watch What Happens Live” (as you can see from the embedded video). We think they should hook up and we’ve managed to travel forward in time to snap a pic of their grown @ss love child. We present to you… Danielana Del Raycliffe…

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