How Much Has He Told His Friends About Your Hookups?

Until a girl friend (note the space) of mine gave me an honest answer, I would often wonder how much women actually “talked” about a guy they just hooked up with. In this particular girl’s sorority, I learned it was a given that her hook-up’s performance would be relayed to her peers in terms of inches and minutes. While she might choose give a more in-depth scouting report, you couldn’t escape your combine statistics. While some of you might feign shock at hearing this, first ask yourself if we men are any different. Clearly this one sorority doesn’t speak for a whole gender, but it does raise an important question: How much information does a guy actually tell his friends about their hookups?

Fake Boobs?¬†You better believe that my buddies are getting that DD-sized nugget of information. Were they nice? Gross? Pleasantly plump? Frankly ¬†ladies, you wouldn’t have gotten them if you didn’t want us to notice.

Did We Actually Bump Uglies? Details of how far you two have gotten actually depends on the guy. A few of my frat brothers flat-out refused to tell how far they’ve gone with their girlfriends. Did this make them gentlemen? Absolutely. I also became immediately aware that they hadn’t gotten it in with their girlfriends of over six months.

What’s Her Favorite Color? Your man card would immediately get revoked if any nonsense like this was discussed. No questions asked.

Is She Crazy Or Is It Just Me? Sometimes, men have problems we actually don’t know the answer to. While a lucky few of us have female confidants to rely on, often we need to pose our questions to a trusted friend. These are the times when the deepest, most dark secrets of our relationship will be revealed. You can make sure that these skeletons don’t come out by never acting like a weirdo.

She Can Do What? First off, if you’re a freak in the sack, you deserve a golf clap. That’s why we miiiight have maybe hinted this to our friends after you so selflessly gave us the best night of our life (or at least semester).

Who Is That She’s With? Cheating is a serious accusation, that’s why we’ll ask our friends if they’ve heard or seen anything about it before we ask you. The phrase “Bros before hoes” is clearly applicable here.

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