The Nikon J1 Field Tested @ Ultra 2012 [REVIEW]

Nikon was kind enough to send us two of their new J1 cameras to test out, so of course we put them to work immediately. Before even test-shooting, the first thing I noticed was its size and weight. The J1 is small and light, perfect for bringing it to an event or festival like Ultra. So that’s what I did. My press credentials allowed me to carry a camera bag complete with different NIKKOR lenses, but it was in my best interest to keep the camera in-hand the entire time. Obviously my arms got tired, but that was from the fist-pumping, not the additional weight. Truth be told, I’m not sure I would have been able to actually partake in the madness that was Ultra if I had brought along our bigger Nikon D-7000.

One thing I did notice when keeping it in my hands was how many times people asked me “what kind of camera is that?” If you’re not a fan of the white version we have (pictured above) there are many more options you can choose from.

It’s weight and looks are all well and good, but how did it perform when I was up against the professionals rocking some serious hardware? Very well, actually. Once I switched out my smaller lens to a longer one, I was able to get some pretty great shots. I’ll be the first to admit that photography is not my forte but I was told not to worry – the automatic functions on the camera would do me just fine. That they did.

Nikon’s first shutterless system allows for continual shots at 30 fps, which were spectacular for crowd shots and other action scenes. For those of you trying to record live music, the sound picks up surprisingly nicely too (we weren’t allowed to take video, but the girls at SXSW did). Nikon’s aim was to make the camera as point-and-shoot as possible and I would say that they succeeded. From the photo pits to the dance floors, the Nikon J1 fit in both

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