Habitat For Humanity Is Winning The Internet

Habitat for Humanity has landed a great new partner who is going to help spread the word and hopefully bring in the big bucks. Because big bucks for Habitat means more houses being built for people in need.

Nissan launched an interactive video experience that allows you to type in commands for the Nissan “builders” to perform. Typing the right commands like “clean the window” gets you points. If you type in something ridiculous like “attack the window” you might also score some laughs and sometimes some points.

Everytime you enter in a command they can perform, you get closer to being ranked in the Top 100 Scorers. The Top 100 get a personalized video from Nissan at the build site featuring volunteers pounding a nail into the structure in the name of each winner, as well as a Nissan t-shirt.

It’s a¬†charitable¬†idea we can get behind. Nissan is winning on the Internet by doing good!


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