Alleged “Bountygate” Audio Of Gregg Williams Will Ban Him From Coaching In the NFL [VIDEO]


I’ve never played in the NFL, and I stopped playing football in high school, but I’d be a fool to believe the Saints are the only people to do this. Are they being turned into a scapegoat? Absolutely. But no one has come forward with more (allegedly) d*mning, physical evidence than what you’re about to listen to.┬áThis is a small clip from what is allegedly Gregg Williams in a defensive meeting before the Saints played the 49ers. Honest to God, I went into listening to this audio clip a level head because I didn’t think that anything he could have been caught saying would be too bad. Boy was I wrong. Once he started talking about Michael Crabtree becoming “human once we take out that f*cking ACL,” it became apparent that Greg Williams will never coach in the NFL again. He then continues to talk about breaking Vernon Davis’ ankles and hitting Frank Gore on the head. What seals the deal in this small clip from TheUSOF (full clip available there), are his last words. “We never apologize for the way we compete. If you’re in this room, you understand that.”

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