Eargasm Alert: Sol Republic Amps

 I love any opportunity to put things in my ears. When it comes to this type of insertion – the main catalyst of my eargasm is in-ear headphones. This is my favorite means of on-the-go music listening. When normal ear-buds just wont do – here comes Sol Republic Amps. First of all, I’m a fan of that, which is, Sol Republic. Their comfy Tracks headphones gave me a sound woody – firmly cushioned on my ears; transcends me into another world of thumping bass and drums; lifting me out of my smelly urban environment – into a sea of sound.

Amps has an unique design, structure, and style. No two ears are alike. Amps solved this problem by providing three different tips sizes – so no ear-hole will be excluded.(Unless you have some sort of freakishly small or over-sized ear holes.) Just to let you know – I use the large tip size. The only annoying factor: The right earbud needs to go into the right ear – and vice versa; which is a slight pain if you’re a mover-and-shaker on the go – like I am. With the proper fitting, Amps falls into the ear canal for comfortable usage – without soreness or weighing down the ear over an extended listening stint.

The i4 sound engine provides deep bass and clarity – allowing you to feel the music; rather than be distract by extraneous street sounds, such as crazy people screaming at you and motorist yelling for you to, “Get the hell out of the road!”


Like all great earbuds, Amps comes with a Smartphone volume rocker situated in the middle of the audio cables.  Tap the middle button and you can switch over from music to your incoming call. Double tap the button to redial the last number dialed. Triple tap the button – and won’t do anything special; and so on and so on and so on. The Cleartalk microphone provides high clarity – so not a word will be missed on your important phone calls.

Sol Republic Amps has such a snug, comfortable feel in my ears – that I enjoy wearing them even when I’m not plug into music. For a mere $59 bucks – the earbud revolution is here! Viva la revolution!

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