Ghetto Hikes: Urban Kids (Supposedly) Say The Darndest Things

Is it racist, a hoax, or a chronicle of inner-city kids with limited exposure to the wilderness?

First, ask what you’d get by applying the formula for Sh*t My Dad Says to urban kids in the great outdoors. Welcome to Ghetto Hikes. Sure, the site–which tries to make a big deal out of how it’s quoting kids of all races–could easily be called Sh*t Ghetto Kids Say On Hikes. But according to the Village Voice, the high concept might all be a grand hoax.

If you go to the Ghetto Hikes site, you supposedly get a collection of quotes written down by a 28-year old guy (named Mr. Cody) who works full-time leading urban kids on nature hikes; then he simply scrawls down the crazy things they say. It’s a classic fish-out-of-water scenario, as Mr. Cody’s inner-city kids are taken aback by the wonders of nature. Meanwhile, the Voice claims that Ghetto Hikes is a parody account. According to several tweets, Ghetto Hikes is registered to a person who also runs other legit humor sites.

Ghetto Hikes has been around since January, and already has close to 430,000 followers. No need to click over to the site right now, as we present an assortment of what you’ll find there. Is it racist? A parody of Sh*t My Dad Says? An online Punk’d? You decide:

Image courtesy of Doodlepants
Image courtesy of Doodlepants
Image courtesy of Ghetto Hikes

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