Child Stars Talk Lesbianism! (And Kirk Cameron)

The fine folks at Funny or Die are a little late with this video goofing on former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron and his questionable views on homosexuality. To be fair, it probably took a while to dig up kiddie icons like Maureen Flanigan (the former alien cutie of Out of This World), Christine Lakin (from Step by Step), and Josie Davis (of Charles in Charge). It was for a worthwhile cause, though. We don’t just mean a video that serves as a fun blow for tolerance and diversity. We mean that we now get a chance to see how Maureen Flanigan, Christine Lakin, and Josie Davis look like as grown-up gals sporting tight t-shirts. They’re talking about lesbianism, too. (In our own display of diversity, we’ll note that there are also some guys in the video.) We’re certainly very inspired by all this. We’re mostly inspired to remember all those subtle gags on Step by Step about how Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy’s characters had a kinky sex life. Kirk Cameron would not have approved.

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