When You Can Officially Stop Texting Them Back

The Fade Out. Everyone who has ever been on the receiving end of this hates it. Someone you like stops texting you as frequently, then they stop texting as detailed of responses, then they just stop texting you back. Overall, it’s an a**hole move. But, there are two rare occasions when it is a perfectly okay move to pull.

When You Can Tell That They’re Angry

The right thing to do is say, “I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s going to work out with us. Take care.” Most people will respond with something like, “I appreciate your honesty.” But some…well some are not so mature. Or sane. Some people don’t handle rejection well and will attack you. They will spew venom like, “Good. You were hideous anyway.” And it won’t stop there. Because the angry really want to hit where it hurts. Do NOT respond.

These people are proud. These people are crazy. And I guarantee, if they are crazy enough to go off on somebody they want on maybe one or two dates with, they are crazy enough to fill up your inbox with all kinds of nastiness.

What they are really doing is trying to intimidate you back into liking them. The thought process is to push your self esteem down so low, that you feel the only way to build it back up is by getting their approval again. As hard as it is to resist the urge to text back and defend yourself, do not. Fade away. Let them get some of their anger out of their system. They’ll stop eventually and find someone else to go nuts on.

When You Can Tell That They’re Needy

Some people won’t get mad, they’ll get sad. They’ll ask, “Well, what did I do wrong?” They will probably even suggest remaining friends, and pull you into some awkward friendship where they sadly tag along to things, because you invited them out of guilt after they asked you to hang out five times.

They will text you random things throughout the day. They don’t really know what their plan is. They are just needy and lonely. You gotta nip these in the bud and say that you don’t think being friends is a good idea. Subconsciously, these people are trying to stay in your life hoping that one day you will change your mind about them and want to date them.

Even if you can tell they are very sad, lonely people, you aren’t helping them by giving them false hope. Many of the sad types will become clearly depressed if you cut them off. They will continue to text you, “I’m so lonely,” “Why does this always happen to me?” “I guess I’ll never be good enough for anyone.” You need to ignore it. Truthfully, they’re doing this mostly to try to guilt you into being their friend. They may be sad, but they’re manipulative little bastards too.

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