National High-Five Day: Break a High-Five World Record!

Happy National High-Five Day, everyone. How are you spending this obscure holiday? I’m sure high-fiving is involved. (High-five to that!)

Here’s some National High-Five Day trivia: The first high-five was invented back in 1906 by Madame Curie – the French physicist famous for her pioneering research on radioactivity. In 1903, Madame Curie received the Noble Prize in Physics. Upon hearing the news, Madame Curie promptly raised her hand in the air and made palm-contact with her husband, Pierre Curie. (Also a physicist.) Upon making hand-impact, Madame Curie exclaimed, “Woo! We did it! Awesome!” The rest is high-five history.

Modern day: One great way to celebrate National High-Five Day is to set a high-five related world record. The place to record your endeavor is on the site, RecordSetter. Now there’s a place where anyone can create their own world record category; such as The World’s Longest High-Five. On the RecordSetter site, The Longest High-Five is their most competitive World Record category.

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The current record is held by Ben Jenkins and Kia McNeely of Galena, Illinois. The two ran towards each other for a combined distance of 4.0 miles before slapping a mighty-and-satisfying high five. In accordance to the rules, the pair kept their high-five hand in the air during the entire duration of the run.

The record was originally set by a duo of Canadian from Toronto – who dressed as cowboys and jogged from opposite ends of the city. (3.3 kilometers.)

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Fifteen months later, the record was broken by two Australian guys – who were clad in short-shorts and spandex pants. (Controversy erupted in the RecordSetter community because one of the blokes gave someone a high-five during the course of his run.)

[protected-iframe id=”c531783ac779b32e4f5449007c76f58e-3508545-55749914″ info=”″ width=”600″ height=”450″]

Word isn’t officially out whether the World’s Longest High Five will be an Olympic event in the 2012 games. But until it is…..A BIG HIGH-FIVE TO EVERYONE!

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