Chelan Simmons [See Her Tonight on THE L.A. COMPLEX]

Chelan Simmons on The L.A. Complex

9 pm EST, The CW

She’s a regular on the show, but tonight’s debut is is your first chance to check out Chelan Simmons in The L.A. Complex–where the curvy beauty plays a struggling stripper who’d be a movie star in real life. Of course, we’ve thought the same thing about Chelan. The former child actress proved she was all grown up when she stripped down for a fatal tanning session in Final Destination 3. That allowed Chelan to get a lot sexier than she could as a regular on the ABC Family drama Kyle XY. She only got wilder (and showed off some comedic skills) while stealing scenes in the unfunny Dane Cook comedy Good Luck Chuck. Hollywood was slow on the uptake, though, and Chelan’s best role over the past few years was in the slasher comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Chelan had better luck returning to her Canadian homeland. She followed up a sitcom with joining the cast of The L.A. Complex, which was originally made for the country’s equivalent of MTV. The show turned into a Canadian hit, and we’re just one of Chelan’s many Twitter followers who are hoping to see the series–and Chelan–take off in America.
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